This website holds information regarding the comprehensive art work of IDIT LEVAVI GABBAI


1953 – Born in Kibbutz Merhavia, Israel.
2023 – Works and lives in Tivon, Israel

1971-1973 – Physical Education Studies at the Wingate Institute, Israel
1973-1976 – Mandatory military service plus one-year employment in the army
1976-1980 – Art and art education studies at the Art Institute of Oranim Academic College of Education
, Kiryat  Tivon
1980 – Beginning of art and art education activity
1986-2017  –  Teacher and lecturer at the Art Institute of Oranim Academic College of Education
, Bachelor's and Marster's Degrees
1987-1989 – Directing the Fine Arts Department at the Art Institute of Oranim Academic College
2000-2005 – Heading the Creative Studies at the Art Institute of Oranim Academic College
2001-2010 – Director of the Israeli Art Gallery in Oranim Academic College [Curator: David Wakstain]
2000-2017 – Fellow Editor with Prof. Moshe Yitzhaki – Kav Natuy – a Student and Teachers Art and Literature
Magazine published by the Oranim Academic College

2010 – The Creative Encouragement Award for Plastic Arts 2010 – the nistry of Culture and Sports
, Dept. of Plastic Art
2021 –  Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 – Ministry of Culture and Sports, Plastic Art Department


2020- Mother's Absent Bosom – Sharon Rashbam Prop & Idit Levavi Gabbai
Mirvach Gallery, Kibbutz Harduf Curator: Lea Bar Sela
2019- Variations on One Photograph;  "Zoltan Kluger In the Hay Shed 1935 "
Lohamei Hageta'ot Gallery,Curator: Michal Horowitz
2015 – Open Syllables –Atelier Shemi, Kibbutz Kabri, Curator: Smadar  Schindler
2012- Under This Blazing Light – Bait Avi Chai, Jerusalem. Curator: Hagai Segev
2011-  "Hour of Elucidation," Museum of Art, Ein Harod (curator: Yaniv  Shapira)
2009 – ' Meeting' Grossbard & Levavi Gabbai, Hakibbutz Gallery,Tel Aviv
2008 – Sunlight on a Wall ,  Lohamei Hageta’ot Gallery
2004 – The way of the works, Gorren Gallery ,Izrael College
2000 – New Works, Kibbutz Kabri Art Gallery (cat.)
1999 – New Works, Sara Levi Gallry, Tel Aviv
1998 – “ Over The Lesson”, Oranim Gallery
1997 – “..Anani Bamerhav’ya “, Biet Sturman, Ein – Harod (cat.)
1995 – “A Pioneer Women ‘s Eyes”, Hakibbutz Gallery,Tel Aviv
1994 – “Two Series”, Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra Gallery
1994 – “ My Lover’s Back”, Lohamei Hageta’ot Gallery
1993 – “ My Lover’s Back”,Tova Osman Gallery,Tel Aviv
1991 – “ A Heater for the Winter- a Fan for the Summer” Memorial Center, Kiriat Tivon
1986 – “Two Tears” ,Meimad Gallery, Tel Aviv
1984 – Paintings,Lohamei Hageta’ot Gallery
1983 – “ Thirt”, Haifa Museum for Contemporary Art
1982 – Paintings, Ahad Ha’am 90 Gallery,Tel Aviv
1981 – Paintings, Kibbutz Kabri Art Gallery
1980 – Early Paintings,Sof Hashdera Gallery, Tel Aviv



2022 – Treasures from Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod Permanent  Display (Chapter 1)
,Curators: Yaniv Shapira and Judith Bejerano
2022 – Exhibition of Artists from the Valley (decade) , Museum of Pioneer  Settlement, Kibbutz Yifat,
Curator: Nurit Tal-Tene
2022 – "Commandments and Commentary" , Kupferman Collection, Kibbutz Lohamei Hageta'ot ,
Initiative, Concept and Curating:Idit Levavi Gabbai' Research and Curating:Tamar Hurwitz Livneh
2021 – " Hay Shed 1" – 4th Installation,the Israeli Art Gallery in Oranim Academic College,
Guest Curator: Noa Tsoran
2020 – "Women Form Reality – Emek Yizrael ", Hankin House, Kfar Yehoshua / Mirvakh Gallery, Kibbutz Harduf
,Curators: Devorah Morag and Anat Mandil
2019 – "Naked Soul: Haim Soutine and Israeli Art", Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Curator: Yaniv Shapira
2018 – "arvest" / Hay Shed 1 , Cooperative Project with 72 Artists , Beit Hankin, Kfar Yehoshua
2018 – 40 Years of the Kabri Art Gallery, Kibbutz Kabri
2009- Drawing Camp, The Galleries in Ramlah and Ofakim, Reshet, a Non- Profit Organization [Movie]
2017 – Even one Needs Two,the Art Workshop in Yavne, Curator: Etti Amram
2017 – Cart Full , Beit Hankin and The Emek Railway Site, Kfar Yehoshua  Curators: Neta Haber
and Ayelet Hertswolf
2017 – Mother's Home, Afula Municipal Gallery,Curators: Oz Zluf and Roi
2014- "Hai, Tsomeach, Domem" , The Emek Railway Site, Kfar Yehoshua,
Curators: Michal Shachnai Yaakobi and Neta Haber
2014 – "Continuous Space"  The Gallery in Nazareth House of Art and
Culture, Curator: Farid Abu Shakra
201 0 – Haifa/Plovdiv Bulgaria – European Television House in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Curator: Shiri Meshulam
2009 – Something inside the White, The Gallery in The Nazareth House of Art and Culture,
Curator: Farid Abu Shakra [Catalogue]
2009 – Drawing Camp, The Galleries in Ramlah and Ofakim, Reshet, a Non- Profit Organization [Movie]
2009 – "The Dining Room as an Allegory", Kibbutz Yifat, 2009,Curator: Michal Shachnai Yaakobi
2008 – Etching – Winter Project 2008 – The Library and Memorial Center Art Gallery, Kiriyat Tivon,
Curator: Tali Cohen Garbuz
2007 – "Teachers", Ramla gallery and Ofakim gallery (movie+cat)
2007 – Kabri Gallery 30 years , Kabri Art Gallery
2005 – 'Togetherness' The 'Group' and The Kibbutz in Collective Israeli Consciousness (movie+cat)
2005 – 'Israeli Art in the Eighties', Oranim Gallery(movie)
1998 – “Privet Icons”,Piramed Gallery, Haifa (cat.)
1998 – “Saturday in the Kibbutz”, Ashdot Ya’acov Museum (cat.)
1995 – An Artist Select An Artist, Haifa Museum for Con.Art (Post card)
1994 – “A Form of Speech”, Art Focus, Memorial Center, Kiriat Tivon(cat.)
1991 – The Secret of Minimalistic Pallete, Omanut La’am (cat.)
1987 – Painting;Quatqtion;Painting,Ramat Gan Moseum(cat.)
1985 – Front Line, Ein Harod Moseum(cat.)
1982 – The 12th Biennale Young Artist , Paris (cat.)

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35 A. zaid
K. Tivon

e-mail: gabbai11@zahav.net.il